Heads down at Cratejoy

At about the same time I stopped writing new blog posts on here I joined Cratejoy as the Director of Marketing. If you aren’t aware of Cratejoy, it’s this awesome all-in-one platform for subscription box businesses. If you’ve got a great idea for a subscription business, Cratejoy enables you to get up and running as fast as you’re ready to move. You won’t ever have to worry about technology and you’ll avoid a ton of the mistakes I made starting out (like spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on development).

One of the major projects I’ve been working on at Cratejoy has been turning Cratejoy.com into a consumer destination. We’re now taking our platform a step further and helping our merchants acquire customers too. Cratejoy.com is now the Cratejoy Subscription Box Marketplace. Our merchant homepage is now located at Start.Cratejoy.com.

Reflecting on my last 7 months at Cratejoy here are some fun highlights:

  • I’ve observed several first-time business owners start a subscription box on Cratejoy who are now doing over $70,000/month in revenue. What do they all have in common? They picked a really good niche (with an active, vibrant online community) and they have at least 3 or 4 of the 7 properties of a great subscription box business idea.
  • I launched Subscription School, the first online publication dedicated to helping people start successful subscription businesses. We also started a YouTube channel with some really great how-to videos for aspiring subscription box entrepreneurs (featuring my buddy and long time biz partner Jesse Richardson).
  • People are getting creative! Many are finally starting to realize how expansive the subscription model can be. Some of my favorites that have popped up on Cratejoy: Gear Supply CoMindfulness Box and Monthly Pepper Box.
  • Large established subscription business are moving to Cratejoy. Migrations to Cratejoy include Boxycharm, Japan Crate, Zamplebox and more. Even NatureBox is running a B2B office snacks subscription on Cratejoy now!

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