3 Tips for Prioritizing Effectively

Whether you’re running a business or just trying to manage daily life, learning how to prioritize effectively will not only save you time, but will also instill habits that are vital for creating success throughout your life. For myself, prioritizing has always been one of my strong suits. I’ve always somehow done a good job at getting things done on time while managing heavy loads and even helping others prioritize at the same time. I never really thought about why that is though. What habits have I picked up that are responsible for this success? Well, after some heavy thought, I’ve come up with these 3 tips that I strongly feel are responsible for my prioritizing wizardry!

1. If someone is waiting on you to complete a task, start there!

This is my favorite and most important tip – especially if you’re running a business. Always enable others first. Before you put yourself into a work silo, give others the tools they need to complete their tasks. This practice ensures that your team is always achieving a maximum amount of productivity. Progress and success are always flowing and never stagnant. :)

2. Spend less time on to-do lists and more time doing.

To me, to-do lists are just another form of procrastination. Priorities and ‘to-do’ items never go away – you can never check off the whole list. Because of this, make sure you’re always doing something you love (Read: You Can Start a Meaningful Online Business and Quit Your Job) priorities and tasks won’t feel like burdens anymore. On a daily basis, I simply grab any outstanding task I can think of first and get it done.

3. Sweat the details.

Do things right the first time and DO sweat the details! If you’re consistent with your work output, you’ll find that you actually do have time to be a perfectionist. This practice ensures that you never waste time by having to go back and complete or fix things that weren’t done right to begin with.

That’s it! Keep in mind, these tips really only work if you can prevent yourself from procrastinating to begin with. Just like prioritizing though, if you’re doing something you love to begin with, you most likely won’t have a procrastination problem anymore.

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  1. Wow, Kari! This is great. I need to get more organized for sure. I think it’s prbolbay shocking what we can accomplish if we just do it. I’m sure I waste lots of time procrastinating and not taking advantage of those small increments of time.

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