Start your own online business and be free

You Can Start a Meaningful Online Business and Quit Your Job

If you love your 9-5 job and you feel fulfilled, congratulations – you’re part a fortunate, small group of people who are actually doing what they love. For the rest of you, read on. It is possible (and easier than ever before) to turn your passion into a fulfilling and profitable online business.

You have good ideas, use them!

I’ve never met anyone that has simply never had a good idea, everybody has ideas and dreams, but most people don’t act on them for one reason or another. There’s a variety of reasons why (scared of failure, don’t know where to start, comfortable with current situation, etc), but nothing is worse than wasting your life doing something you don’t love.

You don’t have to go big or go home

Don’t think you need to start a business that will please everybody. Instead go as niche as possible while still being relevant to a large community. My two businesses Yogi Surprise or Escape Monthly are good examples. The yoga community and the travel community – both communities appreciate how unique and tailored the product is for them. What niche are you passionate about? Gourmet food? Sports? Animals?

Create a product or service people ‘need’.

Gimmicks and businesses based around quirky products are usually not sustainable. Create a product or service and market it in a way where people perceive it as a necessity rather than a luxury. Your customers will stick around much longer and won’t be forced to try to justify it every month when planning their personal budgets.

Turn it into a membership

I’m a big fan of business models based on memberships/recurring revenue (also known as ‘Subscription Commerce’). Capture a customer once and if you have a quality product, you’ll see revenue from that customer month after month! Learn how to start a subscription box.

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, it actually is easier than ever before, there’s so many great apps and platforms that make it more approachable to setup your new business in a matter of minutes. For a subscription based business I highly recommend Cratejoy (an all in one platform with almost everything you need). For managing customer service I’m a fan of Zendesk and for bookkeeping, I’m currently in love with Xero.

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4 Responses

  1. Zhalor

    Hi Jameson,

    Loving the articles on your site. I was in the midst of diving in only to find that shipping costs just don’t make my business model possible. $24 minimum to ship within Canada. How do you manage to make the costs for this expense manageable while still selling a quality product? Does it need to be light, and in a specific set of dimensions? Any tips?

    1. Jameson Morris

      Ouch! Every Canadian subscription box business I know (Vegan Cuts for example) has all their fulfillment and shipping done in the U.S. Shipping for customers in the U.S is built into the COGS and shipments to Canada are usually offered for about $10-$15 extra.

  2. nikki

    LOVE your articles, can tell you how much help i find them in starting up my own sub box here in Aus!
    thankyou, thankyou, your work is appreciated :)

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